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Accreditation Partners

With the support of the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training the College of Applied Biology was able to develop and initiate a process to accredit academic programs from a pilot group of post-secondary institutions in BC.  This accreditation initiative was developed to aid universities and their students by providing direction for those who wish to pursue a career as a professional biologist.

This process has resulted in the assessment of 8 university programs.  The results are available on the College website under Accredited Post-Secondary Programs. Universities will be able to provide clear direction for their students and students graduating from these programs will only have to provide transcripts when applying for membership in the College.  In addition, the College can address application assessments from the students who graduated from the accredited programs more quickly.

Another product from this initiative was the development of an interactive tool developed to assess an applicant’s academic career.  This will aid resident and foreign applicants in determining whether they might meet the academic requirements of the College.  In addition to a general assessment of completed courses this tool provides detailed competency information regarding specific course requirements.  As this tool cannot guarantee the applicant that they will meet the academic requirements of the College it does provide the applicant with important information towards meeting College entrance standards. 

In addition the College worked with the provincial government to provide tools for potential immigrants who wish to practice in applied biology in BC.  This process map provides information on obtaining membership as an RPBio and RBTech.

The College appreciates the support provided by the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training without which these initiatives would not have happened so soon.