Accredited Post-Secondary Programs - RPBio

Accredited Post-Secondary Institution Programs – RPBio/BIT

New academic standard requirements for the Biologist in Training (BIT) and Registered Professional Biologist registrant categories came into effect January 1, 2020. In spring of 2021 accredited programs underwent a review to ensure they met to new requirements.

Current College Accredited Institutions and Programs

Institutions and their associated programs in table 1.0 have been accredited by the College. Applicants graduating from these programs:

  • Meet the academic requirements for entry into the College under Stream 1 as a BIT or RPBio if you graduated from the program with a Bachelors degree during the program’s accredited time period; and
  • Do not need to submit course descriptions.

Applicants that graduated from programs prior to the year of accreditation or after the program was no longer accredited (January 1, 2022) must apply through stream 2 and include course descriptions with their applications.

Note: Some programs are still undergoing a review and the institution and the College are working together on the accreditation process for the program and are marked [!] below. Applicants from these accredited programs need to apply under Stream 2. We expect to resolve this issue next week.

Table 1.0 Current College accredited institutions and programs for Stream 1 BIT and RPBio applications.


Program Major


University of BC Okanagan (UBCO) Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology (EECB) Accredited (2022)

BC Institute of Technology (BCIT)

Ecological Restoration (BSc) + Fish, Wildlife & Recreation

 Accredited (2019) (must complete FWR diploma pathway)

Simon Fraser University (SFU)

Applied Biology Concentration

Accredited (2021)

Simon Fraser University (SFU)

Ecology, Evolution and Conservation stream in Biological Sciences

Accredited (2021)

Thompson Rivers University (TRU)

Natural Resources Sciences

Accredited (2014) [!] Under Review If you graduated after January 1, 2022 from TRU you must apply under Stream 2 as a BIT or RPBio.

For applicants who have completed their degree through TRU from 2014 to December 31, 2021  when the program was accredited please apply as a BIT or RPBio through Stream 1. TRU and the College are working on the accreditation process for the program.

University of Northern BC (UNBC)

Wildlife and Fisheries

Accredited (2014) - Renewed March, 2021

University of Northern BC (UNBC)


Accredited (2014) - Renewed March, 2021


Program Accreditation Renewal or Applying for Accreditation of a Program

  • Programs that have expired or are up for renewal can be done through an application here. Check the College's Credentialing Standard to see if there have been any changes to RPBio/BIT program since the program was last accredited. 
  • If you or your organization is looking to have a program(s) accredited please complete an application and upload documents to support the application (e.g., syllabus, course/course module outlines) here.

Please direct questions to the Registrar, [email protected]