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Applied Biology Technician Membership Application

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Education Information

Official transcripts must be sent to the College. If your certificate is not in one of the accredited programs accepted by the College you must also submit course descriptions.

Please fill out in the form of: Degree Awarded - Year - College or University - Program For Example: Bachelor 2009 UVic Biology Masters 2012 UBC Biology
Employer Info
Employment Summary

All A.B.T. applicants must provide the following work experience information:

  • Work experience must have been gained within the past 5 years
  • A clear statement, in chronological order, of all post completion of course work/certificate applied biology work experience specifying in each case:
    • The employer;
    • The length of time employed;
    • A detailed description of the work; and
    • If there are periods where employment has overlapped please state clearly the length of employment for each employer / project.

Note: For those applying under Stream 3 the applicant is required to have 3 years of continuous employment

To aid the applicant in determining whether their term of employment may meet the requirements of the College a worksheet is available for the applicant’s use. All components in this worksheet are required for the application to be complete and therefore the applicant may wish to use this form in lieu of a C.V. / resume. To access go to employment worksheet. Applicants are not required to complete this form. It is offered only as an aide when completing the application form.

Letters of Reference

A.B.T. applicants must provide 1 reference. Referees should be knowledgeable about your work experience as a technician. It is preferred that the chosen referee is either a Registered Professional Biologist (R.P.Bio.) or a Registered Biology Technologist (R.B.Tech.). If you do not know an R.P.Bio. or R.B.Tech., please use a professional from another resource organization such as the ABCFP, APEGBC or BCIA. Preferred referees will include your current employer, previous employers or supervisors.

If you are applying under Stream 3 (experience with no formal academic work) you are required to submit 2 references.

Note: All applicants must use the reference form provided by the College.

Enter the name of the reference
Course in Professional Ethics

It is important that all College members understand that they must conduct their practice in accordance with the Code of Ethics and with consideration of the Principles of Stewardship. To assist the new member in understanding their practice obligations all new members must successfully complete the College's course and short exam in Professional Ethics prior to receiving membership in the College.  

The only course acceptable to meet this credentialing requirement is the College course.  

For more information on this course please go to College course in Professional Ethics.


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