Registered Biology Technologist Application-2018

Important: A person who applies for membership in the College as an R.B.Tech, but who is deemed not to meet those criteria, is not automatically reassessed for Registered Biology Technologist in Training (Trainee(RBTech) status. A new application and a second application fee will have to be submitted. Applicants need to use good judgment when deciding on the application category.

Note: Official transcripts must be mailed to the office. All other documents (reports, CV, worksheets, etc) must be uploaded through the electronic application forms.

Personal Info
Education Information

Please add details regarding your education background below. This information will be verified with your official transcripts when they are submitted.

Please fill out in the form of: Degree Awarded - Year - College or University - Program For Example: Bachelor 2009 UVic Biology Masters 2012 UBC Biology
Employer Info
Letters of Reference

Please provide the names of two referees knowledgeable about your experience in applied biology. If you do not know a Professional Biologist please use a professional from another resource organization such as the ABCFP, EGBC or BCIA. Preferred referees will include your current employer, previous employers or supervisors and one Professional Biologist.

Note: only two letters of reference will be accepted from a current employer. All applicants must use the reference form provided by the College (see applications forms page on website).

Enter the name of the reference
Enter the name of the reference

Checklist - The following items will need to be submitted after you complete this form. 

Please check the boxes to indicate you are aware of the forms required to complete.
Omissions will delay your application

Professional Ethics Course Requirement

If accepted, all applicants are required to complete the College online course in Professional Ethics. The cost of the course is $200.

Please indicate you are aware of this requirement.

Future Payment Authorization
If accepted, the College will charge your credit card with the required pro-rated annual dues and fee for professional seal. Please check the box above to authorize this transaction.

The link below will take you to the secure site for payment via credit card.

If you do not want to pay by credit card, cheques may be mailed to the office at:

College of Applied Biology
#210-852 Fort St
Victoria, B.C.
V8W 1H8