Are You Considering a Complaint?

The College of Applied Biology regulates over 2,800 licensed biology professionals and ensures registrants are held accountable for their practice and conduct. The College’s Investigations Committee reviews complaints against registrants for failure to meet their professional and ethical obligations as set out in:

The College will review all complaints received. 

Confidentiality and the College discipline process:

  • The Professional Governance Act and College Bylaws require that the College keep information about any ongoing investigation confidential. This is communicated to all parties at the beginning and during the investigation process. 

How to Submit a Complaint to the College:

Note: If you have questions or concerns about a College member's conduct or practice, a good first step is to talk to the individual and you may be able to resolve the issue by discussing your concerns.

Complaints can be submitted:

  1. Electronically by completing the Complaint Form. In this form, you can attach pdf documents that are relevant to the complaint.
  2. By mail using the mail-in Complaint Form. Attach the details of your complaint and any evidence to the form and mail to:

Attention: Registrar, College of Applied Biology
#210 - 852 Fort Street
Victoria, BC
V8W 1H8

Complaints must include an identified contact person as the complainant. For any questions or assistance with submitting a complaint, contact the College office at (250) 383-3306 or email [email protected].  

What happens when the College receives your complaint submission?

  1. You will receive an acknowledgement (mail or electronic) regarding your complaint.
  2. Your complaint will be reviewed by the Registrar to determine if the subject member is/was a member of the College during the time of the alleged infraction.
  3. If the subject of the complaint was a member of the College at the time of the alleged infraction, the complaint will be forwarded to the Discipline Committee within 30 business days.
  4. You may be contacted if further information is required by the Discipline Committee. (Note: Ensuring that all information is available to the Discipline Committee can take time as this may involve submissions from both parties and sometimes a separate investigation).

What are the potential outcomes by the Discipline Committee of a complaint submission 

  • Dismiss the complaint
  • Dismiss the complaint with a letter of advice
  • Reach a Conditional Admission with the subject member*
  • Issue a Citation to the subject member and proceed to a Discipline Hearing** (Note: At this time, the subject member's name and nature of the alleged infraction will be published on Discipline Digest page of the College website)

What are examples of unacceptable complaints?

  • Commercial disputes (unless the nature of the dispute indicates a possible breach of the Professional Governance Act and College Bylaws.
  • Complaints against companies or organizations to which College members may belong.
  • Complaints against individuals who are not registered members of the College.