Audit and Practice Review

The College of Applied Biology is a public interest self-governing body which sets the standards for its members and holds them to account for meeting the standards.  Section 21 of the College of Applied Biology Act authorizes the College to establish an Audit and Practice Review Committee and provides the authority to establish the audit process by way of a Rule.

The College of Applied Biology member Audit Program is a proactive quality assessment mechanism to assess how members conduct the administrative requirements associated with the practice of applied biology and membership in the College. 

For more details about the College Audit Process, please review the information at the following links:

  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for Auditees
  • Rule 14  -  sets out the rules for the establishment and conduct of the Audit and Practice Review Committee.  
  • Schedule 6  -  provides a description of the Audit program and provides a link to the member form used during the audit process. 
  • Schedule 4  -  provides information on associated CPD program and a template CPD form that can be used for tracking  activities. 
  • For Whom the Audit Bell Tolls  -  from College Matters September 2013 Issue
  • The Straight Goods  -  from College Matters September 2013 Issue