Audit and Practice Review

Professional Development

The College of Applied Biologists (the College) is the regulatory body for applied biology professionals in British Columbia. The College’s mandate is to protect the public interest. In order to aid the College in meeting its mandate, the College has mandatory professional development requirements for its registrants.

Professional development is used to reference a wide variety of specialized training, formal education, and advanced professional learning intended to help applied biology professional registrants of the College of Applied Biologists maintain, improve and expand their profession. This includes knowledge, competence and skills, and area(s) of expertise.

The purpose of a professional development program is to protect the public interest via an assessment of registrants' compliance with professional standards through 1) helping with professional development and 2) ensuring compliance. The College has three professional development programs in place. They are the Audit Program, the Practice Review Program and the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program.

Audit and Practice Review Programs

The Audit and Practice Review Programs are not disciplinary in nature, they are professional development and education tools. The intent is to protect the public interest and provide registrants opportunities to develop and learn as professionals, make improvements to their practice and resolve identified deficiency(ies), if required.

The College Bylaws, Part 8 Audits and Practice Review and the following policies and standards apply to the College’s Audit and Practice Review Programs. The documents provide information on the programs, including the process and requirements.

It is mandatory for a registrant to comply with the Audit and Practice Review Programs and process under the Professional Governance Act and Bylaws

The College has modernized the Audit Process. There are now two levels of audits, Level I and Level II, both of which are detailed in Policy 8 – 200 Audit Program:

Information or questions regarding the College’s Audit or Practice Review Program can be directed to the Director of Practice at [email protected] or 250.383.3306.