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College of Applied Biology Committee & Task Force Openings

A great way to earn Continuing Professional Development Points: Service to the College can be used towards CPD points requirements, depending on the task force or committee.

For a listing of terms of reference and positions profiles for College working bodies, please review the College Council, Statutory Committees, and Current Working Bodies document library.

As the College moves toward implementation of the Professional Governance Act in fall 2020, the approach to constituting and populating working bodies is changing. The PGA has specific requirements for "statutory committees." That is, the five committees that allow the College to meet its mandate to protect the public interest under the PGA. These five committees are:

  1. Credentials Committee
  2. Audit and Practice Review Committee
  3. Investigations Committee
  4. Discipline Committee
  5. Nomination Committee

In order to deliberate on other elements of the PGA, the College has constituted several task forces. These working bodies have a specific task in their mandates and a stated deadline by which time the task should be completed.

As part of Goal 4: A Healthy and Progressive Organization under the College's Strategic Plan 2019-2021, the College is committed to the following principles:


4.1. Council and staff express pride in their contribution to the profession and membership

4.2. Council and committee members are selected based on merit and bring diverse backrounds and expertise

4.3. Staff and volunteers are qualified, trained and fulfilled in their roles

4.4. Volunteers and staff are valued

4.5. The College idenfities clear priorities and resources to support effective program delivery


Because the College is committed to bringing diverse backgrounds and expertise to College activities, we invite all registrants to consider applying for open volunteer positions. Please review the positions available below along with their respective terms of reference.

To apply, please fill out the volunteer application form and upload using the form found here. If you are applying for a chair position, please fill out the chair application form and note that applicants for chairs of the statutory committees listed above must be qualified by the Nomination Committee using the same merit-based process as nominees for College Council. NB: You must first download the application form and then open it in Adobe -- not in your browser. Any information entered into the form within your browser window CANNOT be saved.

Available Positions

  • None -- If you are interested in volunteering, you may still complete a volunteer application detailing your interests and submit it using the upload tool.