Considering a Complaint?

Members of the public and members of the College may lay a complaint with the College if they have reason to believe that the conduct or practice of the member does not meet the standards set by the College. Click here for an overview of the College's process for dealing with complaints.

How to Make a Complaint

Write to:

The Registrar
College of Applied Biology
205-733 Johnson St.
Victoria, BC V8W 3C7


  • Your name, address and telephone number.
  • The name and address of the member involved (for a list of current members click here).  If you are unsure if the person involved was a member at the time of the alleged infraction, please contact the Registrar by phone at 250-383-3306 or by email .
  • The nature of the complaint as completely as possible, including what happened, where it happened, and who was involved.  We encourage you to reveiw the  Code of Ethics, the Act or the Rules to provide further information regarding the substance of your complaint.
  • Provide documentation that supports your complaint (e.g. documents, reports, pictures etc.).


Complaints are accepted by email, mail or fax (250-383-2400).

What is the outcome of a complaint?
If a complaint is found valid, a citation will be issued and the matter will proceed to a Discipline Panel for a formal hearing or a conditional admission may be made by the subject member. If the complaint is found not valid, the file will be dismissed. The College will seal the file and no further action will occur. In any case, the College will write to you and explain the results of the investigation.  As a matter of public disclosure, the College provides summaries of the disposition of all complaints received by the College. Click here for the Discipline Digest.

Will I be compensated financially?
No. If you wish to pursue financial compensation you should contact a lawyer who could advise you regarding a civil lawsuit.

Discipline Hearing

If a citation is issued against a member by the College as a result of any complaint, then a hearing is scheduled. You will be fully informed of this process and what is expected of you.

A hearing is a formal process which may include lawyers for the College, lawyers for the member, sworn witnesses, etc. It is held before a Discipline Panel which may be constituted of members and non-members, depending on the nature of the complaint. This Committee decides if the member has committed professional misconduct, or conduct unbecoming a practicing member.

If a member is found guilty the member will receive a penalty decided on by the Discipline Panel. This penalty may involve a fine, a suspension or outright erasure as a member of the College.