Continuing Professional Development

The College of Applied Biology Act (2002) provides at Part 2 S3(2)(a)(iii) that one of the purposes of the College is to ensure the expertise of its members.  To ensure members maintain currency, Schedule 4 of the College Rules requires registered and in-training members to accumulate a minimum of 100 CPD hours over 3 years. 

As part of  the Audit and Practice Review Committee (APRC) mandate, an on-line CPD tracking form has been developed over the last two years. Initially the use of the on-line CPD tracking will be voluntary, but the intent is to make its use mandatory in the near future. We encourage members to use the on-line platform to become familiar with the system and to report any problems or questions by contacting College staff. It’s also an opportunistic time to start CPD tracking in the new year. The new CPD form is now available for use by members. Instructions to assist with using the form are also available here

Please Note: you must be signed in the members only section to use this form.

From surveys, members expressed strong concerns for potential poor standards of practice, and felt that random audits were very important. During the College of Applied Biology strategic planning sessions, a target audit rate of 5% of our active membership annually was set; to date the highest level we’ve achieved was almost 3%. Audits are all completed by volunteers and include staff time. The audits can be fairly labour intensive, so exceeding 3% of the full audit (CPD and Audit Form) is likely not achievable. The APRC looks at the on-line CPD forms as a good platform for tracking of CPD compliance and combined with the full audits could easily meet or exceed the 5% target. 

Please note that several changes to Schedule 4 that impact the point eligibility for CPD activities were approved by the College Council on November 28, 2014. Members who have not yet documented CPD activities undertaken prior to this date should consult the previous version of Schedule 4 to ensure the appropriate point values are used.  

To aid members in their practice and as a potential for CPD opportunities the section "Resource Centre" contains links to legislation such as RAR or OGMA and training videos on Wind Development.

Information on upcoming conferences and workshops can be found under Upcoming Workshops, Courses, and Events.

The Audit Committee is established in accordance with the Act and is responsible for administering the Continuing Professional Development program for the College.  The program requires members to track their Continuing Professional Development activities and produce a record of these activities upon request.  Schedule 4 is presented for your information. 

The original CPD form used to track your CPD activities is still available.  Instructions to assist with using the form are also available here.