The College of Applied Biology Act ( the "Act" ) authorizes the College of Applied Biology ( the "College" ) to regulate its members: professional biologists, registered technologists and in training members. Through the Act the Provincial Government has given this authority to the College to protect the public of British Columbia.

In order to meet its mandate, the College establishes, monitors and enforces standards of conduct and a Code of Ethics for its members. The Act provides the legal authority to investigate allegations that a member has fallen below those standards and to take disciplinary action against the member, where warranted. The College has instituted a Discipline process, which sets out how a complaint is filed and the investigation and subsequent discipline processes.

The Act also provides members of the College with the right to certain titles.  Only members with active status who are members in good standing can use titles under the jurisdiction of the College. 

Rule 15 of the College Rules states: 

15.3 A person may make a complaint in writing where the complainant believes that a member of the College has: 

15.3.1 practiced biology in an incompetent manner; or 

15.3.2 been guilty of professional misconduct, conduct unbecoming a registered member, or a breach of this Act or the Rules.

To see an overview of the Discipline Committee process click here.  If a Hearing is ordered another process comes into play and an overview of this process can be viewed here.

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If you require additional information please contact the office at 250-383-3306 or email at [email protected] .