Jan 31, 2019 to Feb 01, 2019
7201 Vedder Road, Chilliwack, BC

Fish Habitat Restoration (FHR) is a two-day comprehensive review of Fish Habitat Restoration techniques and standard methods, including a focus on restoring off-channel habitats.  The FHR course includes a ‘tool box’ approach to the many phases of fish habitat restoration planning, design, implementation and monitoring/maintenance. The FHR program is developed and will be delivered by two of Canada’s preeminent DFO fish habitat restoration biologists, who bring a combined 65+ years of fish habitat restoration experience.

The Fish Habitat Restoration course includes classroom-based presentations, exercises, case-studies and field review of existing FHR projects where course participants will learn first-hand how to plan, construct, monitor, evaluate and maintain a wide variety of restoration projects.

Note: The FHR course will be offered in a few select locations and dates in British Columbia where a variety of high-quality, existing restoration sites exist. This delivery strategy will maximize the participant’s learning through the ‘hands on’ review and inspection of field sites, field exercises and applicable case studies.

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For more information and registration, please see course page here.