Feb 25, 2019 to Feb 27, 2019
Campbell River, BC


The Riparian Areas Regulation (RAR), enacted by the Ministry of Environment under Section

12 of the Fish Protection Act in July 2004, calls on local governments by March 31, 2005 to protect Riparian Areas during residential, commercial, and industrial development by ensuring that proposed activities are subject to a science-based assessment conducted by a Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP).

Course Description

A comprehensive introduction and applied overview of the Riparian Areas Regulation model. This three-day theoretical and practical course introduces participants to the purpose and application of the RAR, the roles and responsibilities of government, the proponent, and the QEP. Participants also learn to complete the field assessment and reporting procedures, including the electronic submission requirements.


Under the RAR, QEP's are required to conduct and provide their professional opinions on the assessment of development proposals in riparian assessment areas. This training program will greatly assist participants in learning the required Assessment Methods. This program is highly recommended by fisheries agencies and local governments for environmental professionals to conduct effective and compliant assessments. Please note: this course does not qualify an individual to become a Qualified Environmental Professional. That process is a self-declaration, as outlined by the Government of British Columbia Fish Protection Act.

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