Apr 01, 2019 to Apr 25, 2019
Region 1 (West Coast) and 2 (South Coast)

E. Wind Consulting is seeking Western Toad observations for FLRNORD from Regions 1 (West Coast) and 2 (South Coast; see map below) for management purposes and a future genetics study. It is seeking:

  1. Confirmed observations (first priority), as well as
  2. Known amphibian / Western Toad survey locations where no toads were detected during recent surveys (secondary priority).

Download the blank data sheet here to record observations.

For all submitted data, we require the following information (in Excel format if possible; if all you have time to send are scanned datasheets that works as well):

  • Observers name and contact information
  • Type of observation (anecdotal, incidental, survey)
  • General location (name of nearest town or city)
  • Local site name (e.g., lake, park)
  • Spatial coordinates of toad observation(s) in UTM format (zone, easting, northing)
  • Observation date(s)
  • Life history stage(s) observed (eggs, tadpoles, recent metamorphs, subadult/adult)
  • Site/habitat type (general description; e.g., dugout pond in agricultural field; small pond in clearcut; road ditch, etc.)
  • Site access information for each location (e.g., useful road or trail access information for future surveys). 

Additional information for each observation if possible / known:

  • Land status (e.g., private or crown)
  • Landowner(s) (names and contact information to gain access / permission to survey

Please send your observations by April 25th to the email below. If you cannot meet this deadline, please provide a date when you can send your observations.

E. Wind Consulting
[email protected]
Suite A - 114 Fifth Street,
Nanaimo, BC V9R 1N2

FLNRORD WC and SC Regions