Becoming a Member

Frequently Asked Questions

For each category of membership, there is guidance and application forms that can be accessed through visiting the Become a Member section of this site.  Applications can be submitted electronically.

The Code is a statement of principles that govern the conduct of members in the College.  Members are held accountable to the principles of the Code.

The College has seven different categories of membership; Register Professional Biologist (RPBio), Registered Biology Technician (RBTech), Applied Biology Technician (ABT), Biologists in Training, Trainee (RBTech), Trainee (ABT), and Student.  Students, Trainees and Biologists in Training are categories that lead to becoming either an RPBio, RBTech, or ABT and provide for membership in and support of the College while satisfying the academic and work requirements for membership as an RPBio, RBTech, or ABT.

At this time the College of Applied Biology is a right to title organization with regulated practice. The Applied Biologists Regulation maintains exclusive use of title for registrants in good standing with the College of Applied Biology. These include:

  1. (Registered) Professional Biologist
  2. Biologist in Training
  3. Registered Biology Technologist
  4. Registered Biology Technologist in Training
  5. Applied Biology Technician
  6. Applied Biology Technician in Training

No individual may present themselves with any of these titles without being in contravention of the Professional Governance Act. In this way, the College upholds the public interest by setting entrance standards and accountabilities for practitioners using these titles.

Over the past few years, the College has been working diligently to secure reserved practice – or practice rights – into regulation. We have consistently maintained that, to achieve the primary objective of the PGA of protecting the public interest, all applied biology practitioners must be qualified, competent and accountable through reserved practice. Should reserved practice be added to the Applied Biologists Regulation, any practitioner of applied biology would need to be registered with the College in order to continue practicing.