Dues Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

No. As a regulatory body, the College has the option of charging GST and has chosen not to do so.

College dues can be paid online by credit card, by mailing a cheque or money order, or by providing a credit card number to the office over the phone. (Important note: Before phoning in your card card number, make sure to fill in your declarations otherwise your payment cannot be processed).

A past member who has resigned or was removed for non-payment of dues has three years to reinstate their membership. To reinstate, please contact Jillian Stewart, Administrative Assistant at [email protected].    

Temporary withdrawal is available for members who are returning to school, for parental leave, and for medical or compassionate leave. If you plan on travelling, your only options would be to maintain your membership or resign and reapply or reinstate upon your return to practice.

You will have to pay your full ‘active status’ dues for the year in which you plan to go ‘On Leave’ (due by December 31st of the previous calendar year). When you change your status to ‘On Leave’, the extra dues you paid to have ‘active status’ for the full year will be held by the College as credit and applied to your account when you reinstate your membership to ‘active status’. You will only have to pay ‘On Leave’ dues if your leave continues until
the next dues payment period (i.e., there is no charge associated with your ‘On Leave’ status for the portion of the first year in which you changed to ‘On Leave’ status). 

Beginning October 1st, you can pay your dues for the following calendar year online at this link (it is not necessary to log in to the website): https://www.cab-bc.org/payment-forms/college-dues. Invoices will also be mailed out to those members who have opted in for paper copies (you can do this by logging in to your profile). Annual dues must be paid before December 31.

If you are returning to ‘active status’ from ‘Retired status’ or returning within three years of leaving the College (due to resignation or removal), you will be required to pay a reinstatement fee, which is 25% of your membership dues. If you are returning to ‘active status’ from ‘On Leave’ status, you are not required to pay a reinstatement fee. More information on reinstating your membership is available on the website here.

You will be emailed your receipt immediately upon payment of dues online.  If you mail in your payment, you will also be emailed a receipt within a couple of weeks of your dues being received by the office. Sometimes electronic receipts are captured by spam filters. Please check the spam folder if the email is not in your inbox, before contacting the College.

The College wants to ensure that all members, regardless of category, understand the obligations and restrictions of the category in which they hold membership.