How are complaints dealt with?

Upon receipt the complaint will be forwarded to the Discipline Committee for an initial review to ensure it meets the jurisdiction requirements of the College.  We will advise the member of your complaint and ask him or her to respond.  We will advise you how the member has responded to your complaint and you will have an opportunity to provide comments on the response.  We may get in touch with other individuals who you or the member think may be helpful.  The member’s explanation may satisfy your concerns and resolve the complaint.  If it does not, then the process may continue.

All complaints about members are dealt with seriously.  Many can be resolved at the investigation stage and others may ultimately be sent to a Discipline Panel.  The Discipline Committee, the body initially charged with reviewing complaints, consists of members of the College and members of the public. The Committee reviews and discusses all material submitted about the complaint.  The member against whom the complaint is made may be interviewed.  In some circumstances, you may also be interviewed to help the committee understand the problem.

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