Credentials Committee RPBio Assessment

General Information
Qualification 1: Education
Assessed separately by Chair or Designate.
Qualification 2: Professional Experience

Applicant must have a minimum of 36 months in applied biology within 10 years after obtaining BSc. MSc research counts as 12 months work experience PhD research counts as 24 months work experience

If 'no', please provide comments below.
Qualification 3: Professional Report

At least 1 and up to 3 applied biology reports must be submitted to show the ability of the applicant to design and implement a project, analyze and interpret data, draw conclusions and make recommendations. Draft reports will not be accepted. Where a report has multiple authors (where the applicant is not lead author), the role of the applicant must be corroborated by the completion of the Authorship Declaration by the lead author or project supervisor.

Report #1
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Report #2
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Report #3
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Examiner’s Recommendation
Additional Comments: (Note: If ‘not accept’ please provide a rationale to assist with Registrar decision)