RBTech Confidential Reference Form - 2018

An applicant for membership in the College of Applied Biology has selected you to provide a Confidential Reference in support of their application for Registered Biology Technologist (R.B.Tech) status. Requirements for granting of R.B.Tech status includes a diploma/minimum of 20 courses, followed by a minimum of 2 years of work experience in applied biology, and authorship of a data report or paper that demonstrates an ability to document and summarize data in a coherent manner. The credentials committee uses the references to assist in evaluating the applicant’s character, integrity, work ethic and experience, and to validate work history.

You may provide a confidential reference if you have known the applicant for a minimum of 6 months. Please be fair and honest when completing this form, and when supplying any other information.

Applicant Details
Referee Details
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Please provide a brief but candid explanation.
If you are an employer or supervisor please provide information on the term of employment, the responsibilities of the position, and any significant projects undertaken by the individual of which you are aware or with which you have been involved.