RPBio Report Worksheet and Upload form-2018

In order to meet the professional report requirements the applicant must demonstrate ability in all areas listed below through the submission of at least one but no more than three reports in applied biology.   
  • Draft reports will not be accepted. All reports must be post degree, in English; Journal publications and theses must contain an English abstract. Post-graduate degree theses (M.Sc. or Ph.D.) on applied biology topics that have been accepted by the degree granting institution may be accepted as professional reports. 
Note: Where a report has multiple authors (where the applicant is not lead author), the role of the applicant must be corroborated by the lead author in writing via the College's Report Authorship Declaration form. 
A report acceptable to the College must demonstrate the applicant’s ability to: 
  • design and implement a project 
  • analyze and interpret data using quantitative or descriptive methods 
  • develop, discuss and provide a rationale for conclusions
  • provide recommendations in a clear and understandable manner.
A set of guidelines will be used to assess risk assessment reports and can be viewed and downloaded here.  
Applicants may submit up to three reports to meet the competencies above. 
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