Member Benefits

Watch the video: Employment as an Applied Biology Professional (2:36)

In addition to the prestige and status conferred by membership in the College, material benefits accrue to a member. 

College Matters, published 4 times a year, provides members and the public with information on issues of interest to the profession, updates on licencing, registration and legislation, operations and management of the College and perspectives of members on their professional practice.

The College website, is designed to provide extensive online information and access for members on managing their membership including online annual dues payment and registration, tracking and reporting continued professional development, up to date information on issues impacting professional practice and the activities and documents of the College.

The College holds a one-day conference annually in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting of the College.  The conference is designed to provide information and explore issues of interest to members and others who work in the natural resource or environmental sector.

The College maintains a listing of employment opportunities submitted by employers which may be of interest to College members.