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Applied Biology Technician

PLEASE NOTE: As of August 1, 2018, the College will only be accepting electronic submission of application packages. Updates on the website will be made at that time.

ABTs work in a team environment which includes RPBios and RBTechs.  ABTs functions and accountabilities are more narrowly defined and focused than those of an RPBio and RBTech and will work under the supervision/guidance of the RPBio or RBTech. The following is a summary of membership requirements for those wishing to obtain membership in the College as an Applied Biology Technician (A.B.T.). Further details of application requirements for this category can be found on the forms referenced in the sections below or by downloading the Applied Biology Technician Information Bulletin.  

1. Academic - successful completion of a certificate with a minimum of 200 hours of instruction or meeting one of the other options as set out in Section 6, in Schedule 3 of the Rules.

2. Work Experience – 1 year of work (post certificate) in applied biology within the previous 5 years. If you are applying under stream 3 as described in Schedule 3 please note that work experience requirements are different.  The applicant is encouraged to read section 6 of Schedule 3 carefully. All applicants are encouraged to complete the Work Experience Worksheet as a means of determining whether they meet the requirement.

3. Indictable Offence Declaration – submission of this form is mandatory and all applicants must complete this. Click here to complete and submit this form online.  For more information, please refer to the Indictable Offence Policy - Applicants

5. References – All applicants must submit 1 reference from at one individual they have known for a minimum of 6 months who are knowledgeable about their experience as a technician. Please note 2 references are required for those applying under stream 3 - refer to section 6.3.2 of Schedule 3 of the Rules.  The College Reference Form must be used.  It is preferred that the College Reference form be sent to the College directly  from the chosen referee.  However the applicant may forward the reference to the College if the College Reference form is in a sealed envelope with the referee's signature on the back of the sealed envelope. 

6. College course in Professional Ethics - All applicants who are approved for membership must complete the College's course in Professional Ethics prior to being granted membership.  Information about the course is vailable at College's Professional Ethics course and exam

Applied Biology Technician Membership Application