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Registered Biology Technologist

Pre-assessments or Reviews

The College does not do any assessments or reviews of applications or courses prior to an application submission. All assessments are conducted upon an application being completed. Click on this link to understand the application process and status.

All information regarding the requirements for the RBTech and other registrant categories is in the College's Credentialing Standard and tutorials

If you are unable to find the information you are looking for contact the Regulatory Officer

If you are interested in the RBTech designation and are not sure if you meet the requirements complete the College’s Applicant Self-Assessment Tool (ASAT) for the category you are interested in. The ASAT is a tool that provides information about all the College’s registrant categories and their associated requirements.

The application and registration processes

The application and registration processes are done online through the College’s portal. It is important to keep the following in mind with regards to your application:

  • Start your application when you have completed all the requirements for an RBTech (e.g., education, work experience); and
  • Once submitted you can track your application status in real time in your profile through the College’s portal. Click on the links to understand your application status and Application Fee Payment Schedule. Please refrain from contacting College staff for an update on your application, these inquiries take time away from processing applications. Everything you need to know regarding your application’s status is in your profile.

Official Transcripts – the College requires official transcripts from all the academic institutions where you have completed a course and are claiming it in your application. This applies to any transfer courses as well. Once official transcripts are received by the College they are uploaded to your application. 

  • The College accepts electronic/digital official transcripts issued directly from the institution(s) or via a third party (e.g., My eQuals, Mycreds, National Student Clearinghouse etc.) to the College. 

**Please inform College staff if the name on your transcripts is different than the name on your application so we can ensure your transcripts are received and uploaded to your application. If not this will cause a delay in the processing of your application.**

Paper/hardcopy Electronic/digital transcripts Internationally educated applicants (outside Canada and the United States)*

To be mailed directly from all post-secondary institutions where you completed courses, including the institution(s) showing credentials granted to:

College of Applied Biologists
ATTN: Regulatory Officer
#210-852 Fort Street
Victoria, BC Canada V8W 1H8

Accepted only if they are:

  1. Accessed directly by the College of Applied Biologists' Regulatory Officer through a secure site offered directly by the granting institution or via a or via a third party (e.g., My eQuals, Mycreds, National Student Clearinghouse etc.) 


  1. Emailed directly to the Regulatory Officer by the granting institution or or via a third party (e.g., My eQuals, Mycreds, National Student Clearinghouse etc..


You must provide:

A Credential evaluation (course by course) directly from a recognized credentialing service such as WES, ICES, or IQAS; and


*Note: if you have a Bachelor’s degree and are applying to be an RBTech and your Bachelor degree program was different (e.g., a 3 year program) than the standard, North American 4-year program, please provide any supplemental information from the institution which shows/demonstrates your courses meet the College’s 2nd or higher course requirements.