Apply to Register

Registered Biology Technologist

Applicants for registration are required to successfully complete Part A and Part B below. For details regarding registration, please see the College Credentialing Standard

Part A – Credentials Review

The College accepts electronic submission of application documents only. Transcripts and international credential evaluations must be mailed directly from the institution to the College of Applied Biology.

Once all documentation has been received, applications are assessed by the Credentials Committee and the Registrar. The College will email the applicant when the application has been forwarded for review.

RBTech Application Requirements

  1. Application Form and Fee
    • The application form provides details regarding an applicant’s background as well as contact information
    • Payment of the application fee is mandatory for the application to be reviewed
    • An incomplete application will remain open for one year from the date of application
  2. Indictable Offence Declaration
  3. Academic Information
    • Academic Self-Assessment
    • Course Descriptions Form
      • All applicants from non-accredited programs are required to submit the course descriptions form
  4. Official Transcripts
    • Official transcripts must be mailed directly from all post-secondary institutions where you completed courses, including the institution(s) showing credentials granted, to:

College of Applied Biology
Attn: Registrar
#210 - 852 Fort Street
Victoria BC  V8W 1H8

  • Electronic transcripts are accepted only if they are accessed directly by the College of Applied Biology Registrar through a secure site offered by the granting institution
  • Internationally educated applicants (outside Canada and the United States):
    • Credential evaluation directly from a recognized credentialing service such as WESICES or IQAS
    • Transcripts not in English require an English translation, sent by a certified translator directly to the College
  1. Work Experience Worksheet
  • Applicants must have 2 years of work in applied biology that demonstrates professional level judgment and discretion
  • A CV may be attached to the worksheet
  • Volunteer Experience - the College recognizes the value of volunteer experience and will credit up to 5 months towards the 2 years required. A Volunteer Work Experience form must be completed before credit can be granted 
  1. Data Reports Worksheet and Upload
  • Indicate by page numbers where in each report the criteria is met
  • If the applicant is not the primary author of a report, the primary author must submit a Data Report Authorship Declaration identifying the areas for which the applicant was responsible
  • Reports must be in English
  • Reports completed for undergraduate course work will not be accepted (including Honours BSc thesis)
  1. Confidential Reference Forms
  • References are required from 2 individuals who have known the applicant for a minimum of 6 months and who are knowledgeable about the applicant’s experience as a biologist
  • Only 1 of the 2 references may be from the applicant’s current employer
  • It is preferred if the references are from registered professionals; however, this is not mandatory
  • Referees are to submit online through the Confidential Reference Form

Part B – Professional Ethics Course

  • The College will notify the applicant of the outcome of the assessment by email
  • If approved, the applicant is to complete the College online course in professional ethics within one year of approval, prior to full membership. The cost of the course is $200