Membership Categories

Registered Biology Technologist

PLEASE NOTE: As of August 1, 2018, the College will only be accepting electronic submission of application packages. Updates on the website will be made at that time.


Applicants for membership will be required to successfully pass Part A and Part B below.

  • For specific details on the College Rules pertaining to membership, please review Schedule 3.

Part A – Credentials Committee and Registrar review

To apply for RBTech status, applicants must submit the following details. More information on each item is described below.

  1. Application Form with payment
  2. Indictable Offence Declaration
  3. Academic Self-Assessment form
  4. Official Transcripts (hardcopy or secure access only)
  5. Course Descriptions (if not applying from an accredited program in Stream 1)
  6. Work Experience Worksheet
  7. Data Report(s) & Worksheet
  8. Report Authorship Declaration (if multi-authored reports or authorship not indicated)
  9. Confidential Reference Forms (2 references)

All information must be submitted through the electronic forms page: Go to Application Forms

Important message:

  • Applications will not be processed until all the information has been received by the College of Applied Biology. You will be notified by email when all the items above have been received and your application has been forwarded for review.
  • International applicants. Click here.

Part B -Professional Ethics course completion

  • Applicants will be notified by email if the Credentials Committee and Registrar approve the application for admission.
  • Once notified, all applicants must complete the College online course in professional ethics within one year prior to full membership. The cost of the course is $200.
  • For more information and to register for the course, click here.

  1. Application Form:
    • The application form provides details regarding your overall background and important contact details. Payment of the application fee is mandatory for the application to be reviewed.


  1. Indictable Offence Declaration:


  1. Academic Self-Assessment form:
    • This form is used so applicants are fully aware of the academic requirements for entry into the college. All applicants must meet the academic requirements regardless of work experience.
    • For details regarding the College Rules, please refer to  Schedule 3.
    • A course is defined as occurring over 1 semester which includes at least 3 lecture or lab hours per week.
    • The College has accredited many post-secondary programs to ensure they meet the academic requirements for entry. Go to accredited programs.


  1. Official Transcripts:
    • Official transcripts must be sent in hardcopy from the institution where the credential was granted.
    • Transcripts must be mailed to:

College of Applied Biology
Attn: Registrar
#210 - 852 Fort Street
Victoria, B.C
V8W 1H8

  • Electronic transcripts will only be accepted if they are accessed directly by the College of Applied Biology Registrar through a secure site offered by the granting institution.


  1. Course Descriptions
    • All applicants from non-accredited programs are required to submit detailed course descriptions.
    • Note: Applicants from accredited programs need to only submit the descriptions for courses that are conditional to the accreditation as outlined on the accreditation page.
    • Please be aware that it is the applicant’s responsibility to provide all the required information so the Credentials Committee can make an accurate assessment. Applicants that do not provide sufficient detail may have their application denied.


  1. Work Experience form:
    • Applicants must have 2 years of work in applied biology which demonstrates the applicant exercises professional level judgment and discretion.
    • All applicants must complete the Work Experience form to determine whether they meet the requirement and indicate clearly that they’ve met the 24 month minimum.
    • A CV may be submitted to provide additional detail that supports their work experience form.
    • Volunteer Experience - The College recognizes the value of volunteer experience and opportunities and will credit up to 5 months toward the required 2 years.  A Volunteer Work Experience form must be completed before credit can be granted. 


  1. Data Reports & Worksheet:
    • Applicants must clearly indicate by page number(s) where in each of the submitted reports they meet the report criteria. .
    • When uploading the report, applicants must fill in the summary sheet that itemizes the location of specific competencies in the report.
    • Note: Reports completed for undergraduate course work cannot be accepted (including Honours BSc thesis).


  1. Report Authorship Declaration:
  • If the applicant is not the primary author, they must provide a separate declaration from the primary author identifying which areas the applicant was responsible for in the report.


  1. Confidential Reference Forms:
    • All applicants must submit references from three individuals they have known for a minimum of 6 months who are knowledgeable about their experience in applied biology.
    • Only 2 references may be from the applicant’s current employer.
    • It is preferred if the references are registered professionals; however, this is not mandatory.
    • References must be sent to the College directly by the reference person through the submission form
  2. Additional Information:
  • RBTechs work in a team environment which includes RPBios and other resource professionals and may undertake independent practice as defined by the College.  RBTech functions and accountabilities are generally more narrowly defined and focused than those of an RPBio. Schedule 5 provides guidance for RBTechs on the scope of independent practice.
Registered Biology Technologist Application-2018