Reclassifying Registration

Upgrade – Trainee(ABT) to ABT

The College is changing platforms for registration applications.

The existing site and links will be taken off line on Friday July 24, 2020 at 4PM. The new platform for registration applications will be available for access approximately August 12, 2020. Please check the College website at that time for further details.

If you have applied for registration on or before July 24, 2020, you will be sent an email with links to access the previous application forms. We request that you use those forms to complete your application.

Please contact Shona Lawson, Registrar with any questions: [email protected]


Trainee(ABT) to Applied Biology Technician

  1. Upgrade Application Form
  • Payment of the application fee is mandatory for the application to be reviewed
  • An incomplete application will remain open for one year from the date of application
  1. Indictable Offence Declaration
  1. Work Experience Worksheet
  • Applicants must have 1 year of work in applied biology within the previous 5 years
  • A CV may be attached to the worksheet
  1. Confidential Reference Forms
  • A references is required from 1 individual who has known the applicant for a minimum of 6 months and who is knowledgeable about the applicant’s experience as a biologist
  • It is preferred if the reference is from a registered professional; however, this is not mandatory
  • Referees are to submit online through the Confidential Reference Form