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2021 Call for Resolutions

In accordance with bylaw 4-6 of the College of Applied Biology bylaws, resolutions are being solicited for the 2021 Annual General Meeting of the College of Applied Biology on April 8, 2021. All voting members of the College are eligible to submit resolutions.

To comply with bylaw 4-6, the resolution package must be submitted in writing and include the submission outlined in the following form:

  1. In that (outline issue or problem);
  2. Be it resolved that (state the resolution);
  3. Discussion (present points concerning the need, logic or benefit of the resolution).

The package must also include the names, original signatures and membership numbers of the mover and seconder. Resolutions may be submitted electronically to the Registrar at [email protected]. Resolutions must be received by 4pm on March 8, 2021 to be deemed eligible.

Due to ongoing public health orders, the AGM will again be virtual in 2021. Registration for the AGM will begin next week.