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Changes coming to application requirements and Credentialing Standard

The changes to the application requirements for submission of professional work products have been approved by Council in January 2022 at the recommendation of the Credentials Committee.

The Committee has identified that current report requirements may now not align with applied biology professionals’ practice and professional work experience. While many applied biology professionals continue to write reports as part of their academic studies or through their work experiences, others author professional work products such as policies, management and assessment documents that can demonstrate their professional competencies but do not currently meet the report requirements for RPBio and RBTech applications.

In addition, feedback from the 2021 RBTech and ABT Scope of Practice survey and recommendations from the RBTech and ABT Scope of Practice Task Force highlighted that the current report requirements for RBTech are not an accurate representation of the professional work of RBTechs.

These changes need to be incorporated into the Credentialing Standard to take effect. The College is targeting the first week of April to begin using the revised Credentialing Standard with changes to the application requirements in force.

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