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College of Applied Biology Launches Self-Assessment Tool for Prospective Applicants

The College of Applied Biology has launched a new online self-assessment tool for prospective applied biology professionals working in British Columbia. The tool, called the Applicant Self-assessment Tool (ASAT), funded by the BC Ministry of Jobs, Economic Development and Competitiveness Credential Assessment Improvement Fund (CAIF), was developed to assist internationally-trained, potential applicants in assessing whether they have the appropriate credentials to apply for a professional designation with the College.

“The ASAT is a simple, useful tool that will help prospective applicants with their preparation for becoming a credentialed applied biology professional,” said College of Applied Biology Director of Practice Shona Lawson, who led in the development of the tool for the College.

“The tool is especially helpful for international applicants because it helps to organize credentials and summarize requirements for joining the College.”

The tool allows prospective applicants to review their education, work experience and other requirements such as competencies through the lens of what is required by the College. The ASAT recommends which College designation may be suitable for the applicant or identifies necessary credentials that the prospective applicant lacks based on the information an individual provides.

The College frequently receives inquiries from prospective applicants who are trying to judge whether they meet the all the credential requirements to join the College. The tool will allow prospective applicants to self-assess at zero expense and at their convenience.

The ASAT will be able to aid all applicants, including international applicants with education in North America or domestic applicants.

“The College’s primary mandate is to protect the public interest, and the credentialing process is a major element of that mandate. The ASAT is a helpful tool for international applicants to prepare them for potential credentialing with the College. Having qualified, credentialed applied biology professionals working in British Columbia -- no matter where they are from -- is in the public interest,” Christine Houghton, CEO of the College, explained.

The tool is not a guarantee or endorsement of the applicant’s likelihood of becoming credentialed with the College. All applicants must follow the College’s credentialing process in order to become a registrant with the College. The ASAT is simply a resource for applicants to help in preparation for applying to the College.

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