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College Council approves new registrant dues for 2022

The Council of the College of Applied Biology has reviewed and revised registrant dues in Schedule 2 of the College bylaws in order to ensure that the College has the capacity to continue to successfully deliver on its mandate. Part 4, Division 2, 50 (1) (a) of the Professional Governance Act gives regulatory bodies the authority to set dues (fees) for registrants without a referendum.

In addition to managing the new reserved practice, the College will continue to deliver on its other ongoing statutory mandates such as audit and practice review, credentialing and registration, and investigations, as well as an increased volume of interaction with the Office of the Superintendent of Professional Governance (OSPG).

Overall, the College is in a good financial position, however the above noted increased workload and expectations as a result of implementing the PGA -- most notably reserved practice -- are exacerbated by current inflationary pressures. The amount of the increase to dues in 2022 was determined based on the resources required for the College to successfully fulfil its mandate under. Smaller, incremental increase to dues would be insufficient at this time, however the College is currently working on a longer-range plan that – barring any extraordinary circumstances – should eliminate the need for large increases in the future.

Dues collection notices will circulate later today. Please verify that the email you have listed in your registrant profile is accurate so that you receive the notice. If you have questions regarding the dues increase, you can review the FAQ on the College website, or contact College CEO Christine Houghton at [email protected] or 250-383-3306 ext. 1.