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College Election 2014

We are pleased to announce that there is considerable interest in College Council positions in 2014.  An election will be held for the three contested seats that are outlined below.  Ballots to voting members (RPBio, RBTech, RPBio(Ret) or RBTech(Ret)) will  be sent out January 22nd and voting members will have until February 24th to submit their votes.

The College Council, as part of the continuing response to the Strategic Plan - specifically membership outreach and engagement, is piloting an Election Forum in support of the elections for Council positions.  The online forum is facilitated through a list serve with membership restricted to voting members.  The list serve allows voting members to ask questions of candidates for contested seats and provides an opportunity for candidates to respond.   Any responses from candidates are sent out to list serve members and both questions and responses are archived on this webpage that forum participants and candidates can access by using their email address and the password contained in the email inviting them to participate in the forum:

Information for the upcoming election is provided below.  Candidate statements can be accessed by selecting the candidate’s name.

Positions to be elected in this election year include:

  • 1 President (2 year term)
  • 1 Vice President (2 year term)
  • 1 Vice President (1 year term)
  • 1 Councillor at Large (2 year term)
  • 2 Regional Councillors (2 year term)
  • 1 Regional Councillor (1 year term)

As a result of the nominations received the following positions were acclaimed: Vice President (2 year term) Chris Maundrell, Vice President (1 year term) Warren Warttig, Councillor at Large (2  year term) Brian Clark  and Regional Councillor (1 year term) Raychl Lukie.  Congratulations!

 An election is called for the following positions:

Council Position Candidate
President (2 year term) 1 to be elected Vanessa CRAIG
Regional Councillor (2 year term) 2 to be elected Steve GORDON

The forum is designed to provide voters with an opportunity to engage with candidates, and to allow them to raise and seek answers to questions from candidates running for Council positions in order to inform their voting.  Candidates reserve the right to not answer individual questions.

If you are a voting member you can access general information about the Election Forum at and pose a question to candidates by using this email address: [email protected]

General guidelines about the conduct and format of the forum are listed below.

Format and Guidelines for Using the Elections Forum

  1. The format for this pilot is an un-moderated monitored list serve.  Professional language is required and members are reminded that rude or offensive communication is subject to a review by the Discipline Committee under the Code of Ethics.
  2. This is a forum for determining candidate positions on issues.  Please keep questions and responses concise and on point.  Communications are limited to questions to candidates and responses from candidates – no candidate to candidate debate, or comments to and between those voters asking questions are permitted.
  3. The list is for questions only. There are to be no endorsements for candidate(s) and no candidate statements in the absence of a question. 
  4. Those asking questions must identify themselves when posting questions; anonymous questions will not be accepted. 
  5. Questions can be directed to a specific candidate but all questions posted can be responded to by any and all candidates, and candidates can decide not to answer any question.  Once a question is answered, follow-up dialogue is in the form of a new question.
  6. Questions and responses will be archived and available for viewing while the forum is open.  To respect everyone’s time, please check here to see if your question has already been asked before posting it.