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College now officially known as College of Applied Biologists

As per the latest version of the College bylaws, the College is now known as the College of Applied Biologists from April 1, 2022 onward.

The change in name is to align the College with its Regulation, the Applied Biologists Regulation.

Seals/Stamps – Electronic and Physical
Individuals who have paid for and received their electronic/digital seal with the “College of Applied Biology” name can download a new seal free of charge with the new name “College of Applied Biologists”. Instructions for using your digital seal are here.

A physical seal with the College’s new name will be able to be purchased through Beaver Stamp Works by early May at an additional cost of $37.75 plus shipping and taxes. All requests for a physical seal through Beaver Stamp Works are verified with the College prior to being issued.

Any physical seals issued previously under the “College of Applied Biology” name is still valid and is not required to be replaced.

Registrant Certificates
Registrant certificates issued after April 1, 2022 will have the new name “College of Applied Biologists.” Previously issued certificates with the “College if Applied Biology” name will not be reissued; however, they are still valid.