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Council approves increase to member dues; new application standards, fees now in effect

The College has reviewed and revised its fees schedule to ensure it has the capacity to successfully implement the Professional Governance Act while delivering on its statutory obligations.

The government introduced and passed a miscellaneous bill (Bill 35) in the fall sitting of the legislature; its subsequent Regulation enables the College Council to approve dues increases with confirmation from the Office of the Superintendent of Professional Governance. Council subsequently approved fee increases on December 17, 2019. The College began collecting dues according to the new Schedule as of January 1.

The option of a permanent increase was preferable to a special levy in terms of providing the resources to fulfill the College's statutory obligations. In addition, the special levy did not apply to new registrants of the College who become credentialed in 2020, therefore potentially creating an inequality in how much registrants are paying in dues and ancillary costs (levy) to be registered professionals. The special levy is therefore replaced by the dues increase.

In addition, the new standards of entry approved by Council and set out in Schedule 3 of the College Rules have taken effect as of January 1. Applications will be assessed under the standards that applied when the application was submitted.

Concurrently, the College has made changes to its application fee structure (Schedule 1, Group II of the College Rules). The College found that the former fees were insufficient to cover the administrative costs of processing applications. The new pathways also have increased assessment rigour, and the increase to application fees was made to account for this additional processing time.

If you have questions regarding the dues increase, you can review the FAQ on the College website, or contact College CEO Christine Houghton at [email protected] or 250-383-3306 ext. 1. If you have any questions regarding the College’s credentialing standards or on the revisions themselves, please contact College Registrar and Director of Compliance Derek Marcoux at [email protected] or 250-383-3306 ext. 2. Questions about changes to application fees are also ddressed in the new FAQ.