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Council approves increase to In-Training registrant dues and employment posting fees

The College's governing Council, at the recommendation of the Finance Oversight Board, has approved of an increase to registrant dues for In-training designations in order to align them with the increased dues for active, practicing designations. Council also increased its fee for posting of employment listings on the College's website. Both of these changes take effect for the 2021 fiscal year, however dues collection for the 2021 fiscal year begins in October 2020.

Under the Professional Governance Act Regulations, College is permitted to enact an increase of 25 percent once to registration dues. It used this permission in 2020 to increase dues for active, practicing designations (RPBio, RBTech, ABT). Dues for the RPBio, RBTech and ABT designations are not changing in 2021.

Dues for In-training designations (BIT, RBTech(Trainee), ABT(Trainee)) will increase by 25 percent. Dues for in-training members were last adjusted in 2009.

Employment postings are not subject to the PGA, but a 25 percent increase was selected to align with other recent increases in fees and determined to be reasonable given the current market.

You can read more about the In-training dues and employment posting fee increases in this FAQ. If you have any further questions, please contact College CEO Christine Houghton at [email protected].

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