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Credentials Committee seeks expressions of interest for Credentials Assessors

The Credentials Committee is needing to recruit 2-3 additional volunteer registrants to serve as Credentials Assessors for application file reviews.

The Credentials Committee is appointed under the Professional Governance Act and the College Bylaws to oversee the implementation of the Credentialing Standard for the College of Applied Biology.

A Credentials Assessor provides a critical role in the review of application files for registration with the College. The assessors are requested by the Registrar to review files and provide an opinion on the suitability of candidates for registration. All files are reviewed in accordance with the College Bylaws, the Credentialing Standard, and any guidelines or policies in place. All work is handled remotely through the application portal and all files are digital. Occasional face to face meetings may be required and out-of-pocket expenses will be covered to attend. There is no additional remuneration for this role.

Who are you?

The committee is looking for assessors with a minimum of five (5) years experience as an active Registered Professional Biologist. You should be able to commit to roughly 3 hours of time per month to complete application file reviews and be able to complete assessments with one-week of the request date.

How do you apply?

Please review the opportunity on the volunteer postings page. If you are interested in applying, download and complete the Volunteer Application Form and submit it to the College using the upload tool before March 15, 2021 at 4pm.