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Indigenous Awareness training and new Ethics course required for all registrants beginning May 3

The College’s mandatory training course in Indigenous Awareness is going to be available for registrants to complete on May 3. The course fee for existing registrants is $50. Registrants must also complete the new Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct course at no cost.

All registrants will be required to take both courses over the next 2 ½ years. Registrants can voluntarily take the course at any time, however to ensure that all registrants complete this mandatory training, registrants will be selected randomly to complete the training in three different groups over this time period.

To purchase the courses, log into the registrant portal, scroll down to the Courses pane, then click on the Register for Mandatory Training button.

To access the courses, you will need a separate log-in from the registrant portal. Log into your registrant portal, scroll down to Courses, and click on the Sign into your course account button. The link will take you to the new CAB Training Portal.

To access the Training Portal, you will need to enter the training course credentials which are listed in the Courses section of your registrant portal page.

If you are selected to complete the mandatory training courses, you will need to complete the courses in order to renew your registration.

The Indigenous Awareness course was developed by Indigenous Corporate Training and selected by the College’s Mandatory Training Task Force. As of April 2022, all new applicants to the College must complete the course as well as the Ethics course as a condition of registration.