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Inquiries regarding CPD and 2021 dues renewal

The College has been receiving some inquiries regarding provision of continuing professional development (CPD) records as part of 2021 dues renewal in the College’s new portal.

You do not need to submit any CPD forms or records to the College prior to paying your dues. Nevertheless, you must comply with the College’s CPD program requirements as written in the College Rules under Rule 16.3 and detailed in Schedule 4, which are earning 100 CPD points over three consecutive years.

By clicking “Yes, my Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements per Rule 16 and Schedule 4 of the College Rules are or will be complete by the end of the year” during your renewal, you assert that you are in compliance or will be compliant with the Rules and can produce CPD records for the last three consecutive years by December 31st, 2020. You must also be able to provide your CPD records if requested by the College.

Any questions regarding CPD or provision of CPD records should be submitted to the College's Director of Practice Shona Lawson.