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If you weren’t able to join us for a 2013 Roadshow presentation, you can watch videos of the event held November 27th in Nanaimo. These events featured presentations focused on applied biology practice, obligations of membership in the College of Applied Biology, and recent updates at the College including changes... Read more
We are pleased to announce that there is considerable interest in College Council positions in 2014. An election will be held for the three contested seats that are outlined below. Ballots to voting members (RPBio, RBTech, RPBio(Ret) or RBTech(Ret)) will be sent out January 22nd and voting members will have... Read more
Since May of 2011, the College Council has been working toward the formulation of a strategic plan to focus the efforts of the College to become more effective at meeting our mandate as articulated in the Act (2002) and to provide an effective governing body for the members of the... Read more
Council has given approval to an important new document for members, the Principles of Stewardship. Members are encouraged to read the Principles of Stewardship and the accompanying Q&A document .Read more
The College has created a new page which lists employment opportunities for members. To advertise here the employment opportunity must include membership in the College. Click here to view the new Employment Opportunities.Read more
College Matters provides information on standards, policies and guidelines for its members. Articles of particular note are listed below and all members are encouraged to read these articles. Professionalism and Personal Conduct: Charting a Course for a new Profession by Murray Rankin, Q.C.Read more
The College became aware of an article in which statements were made about the College's accountability processes. The Executive Committee prepared a letter sent to the Sun clarifying the various processes the College has in place and is posted here for your information.Read more
The College is pleased to announce that a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) has been achieved with the Society of Biology (UK). In short, this agreement provides College members in the Registered Professional Biologist (RPBio) category the ability to become registered as a Chartered Biologist (CBiol) with the Society on the... Read more