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New College Database launching this week

The College has completed its transition to the new application and database platform and is now preparing to invite College registrants to activate their profiles on the new system. This information in the new portal will be required to ensure the College register is accurate and meets the requirements of the Professional Governance Act.

Going forward, this profile and database will be used by registrants to manage their registration with the College -- including payment of dues.

This week, College registrants who have an up-to-date email address filed with the College will receive an email from the Registrar with a link to enter the new database. The database has the following new features for registrants:

  • Easily access and change contact and personal information (no more having to call the College to update)
  • Payment of registrant dues
  • Enter information about their employer and work location
  • List their field of practice
  • Identify their practice areas
  • Apply for status changes

While the College is not currently collecting dues for the 2021 registration year, we strongly encourage registrants to activate their new database profile now and familiarize themselves with the platform in advance of dues season.

If you do not receive an email by August 28, 2020 to access the new platform or if you have any questions about the transition or introduction of the new database, please contact the College Registrar or view the enclosed FAQ. 

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