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New Legislation Announced: The Professional Governance Act

Further to the independent report commissioned by the government in the fall of 2017, new enabling legislation was tabled on October 22, 2018: the Professional Governance Act. This new Act will cover Professionals working in the Natural Resource sector, including agrologists, applied biologists; applied science technologists and technicians; engineers and geoscientists; and forest professionals.

The aim of the Act is to establish a centralized statutory authority for professional governance. The primary outcomes will include consistent standards across regulated professions and a new “Office of the Superintendent of Professional Governance” to be administered by the Ministry of Attorney General.

The College has been involved in comprehensive consultations with the government throughout the summer and fall of 2018.  During this process, the College raised many concerns and although there is still some uncertainty, the College remains cautiously optimistic that government will continue to carefully consider input from the College during the implementation phase for this new legislation.  Visit the College website for more background information and to see College updates.

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