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Online Ethics Course is now launched!

The College is pleased to announce that the newly developed College online course in professional ethics is now active! 

All College members must conduct their practice in accordance with the College’s Code of Ethics, and with consideration to upholding Principles of Stewardship. To ensure that members understand the concept of professional ethics, the College had required that registered members complete a course in professional ethics within three years of enrollment. The College Council recognized that this requirement could have the unintended result of College members working for up to nine years without taking ethics training (up to six years as an in-training member, and up to three years after becoming registered). To address this unintended consequence, the Council revised the Rules so that all applicants for Registered or in-training status will be required to take ethics training prior to becoming a member of the College. This change enhances the College’s ability to protect the public interest by ensuring our members are fully aware of the obligations and privileges associated with becoming a professional.

Requiring applicants to complete a course prior to becoming a member made timely access to an ethics course essential. Even with the three-year grace period, completion of this credentialing requirement sometimes was difficult, particularly for those that live outside the lower mainland of B.C. Therefore, to ensure that our applicants and members have access to timely, relevant training, the College Council decided to develop the College’s own online ethics course. The College ethics course will now be the only course accepted as meeting our requirement for ethics training.

The new online College course includes information about the College and a number of modules focused on Principles in the Code of Ethics and in the Stewardship document. Once the course is completed there is a short open-book exam. The cost for the course and exam is $200.00.

As of September 1st, 2016 all new RPBio, RBTech, ABT and in-training applicants must successfully complete the College's course and short exam in professional ethics in addition to all other credentialing requirements, prior to receiving membership in the College.

All current RPBio or RBTech members who have not yet met the ethics course requirement are required to complete the College course by February 28th, 2017. College staff will be notifying these members by August 9th to confirm with them that this requirement remains outstanding. Current in-training members (BIT, Trainee (RBTech), and Trainee (ABT)) who have not taken a course in professional ethics must take the College course prior to receiving registered status.

For more information and to register for the course go to Professional Ethics Requirement