College Matters

2013 - Volume 5

December, Issue 3

The focus of this edition of College Matters, discipline, builds on the September 2013 issue which featured the Audit Process.

September, Issue 2

The theme for this issue is a focus on the Audit process.

February, Issue 1 - Special Annual Reports Issue

This Special Annual Reports issue summarizes reports for 2012.

2012 - Volume 4

December, Issue 4 - Special Issue: 10th Anniversary of the College

In this issue we have tried to capture for you some of the history of the inception of the College and its move to actualization over its first decade through the eyes of Linda Michaluk, our first Executive Director.

September, Issue 3

This issue contains the summary of minutes of the Council Meeting held June 22, 2012.

June, Issue 2

This issue contains the first message from newly elected president, Brian Churchill, and features "Professionalism and Personal Conduct: Charting a Course for a new Profession" By Murray Rankin, Q.C.

January, Issue 1 - Special Annual Reports Issue

This issue contains the Annual Special Report for 2011.

2011 - Volume 3

December, Issue 4

This issue outlines nominatons for the 2012 College Council elections and reviews the Code of Ethics.

October, Issue 3

This issue announces that a Mutual Recognition Agreement has been achieved with the Society of Biology (UK). It also outlines calls to nominations for the 2012 College Council elections.

April, Issue 2 - Special Annual Reports Issue

This issue contains the Annual Special Reports for 2010.

February, Issue 1

This issue outlines nominations for the 2011 College Council elections, and reviews College Rule, Policy, and Guidance changes and updates.

2010 - Volume 2

November, Issue 3

This issue outlines nominations for the 2011 College Council elections in February. It also reviews the College of Applied Biology Audit Program.

August, Issue 2

This issue reviews the College committees and their role within the College.

April, Issue 1 - Special Annual Report Issue

This issue summarizes the Special Annual Reports for 2009.

2009 - Volume 1

November, Issue 1

This is the first issue of "College Matters" and reviews the inception of the Audit program, as well as outlines nominations for the 2010 College Council elections.

Nature Journal

2010 - Volume 465

June, Issue 7300 - "Extra Credit"

In Britain, organizations award 'chartered status', which claims to validate a scientist's professional credentials. But what are such designations really worth? Nadya Anscombe reports. Read the article on