College Matters

2011 - Volume 3

October, Issue 3

This issue announces that a Mutual Recognition Agreement has been achieved with the Society of Biology (UK). It also outlines calls to nominations for the 2012 College Council elections.

April, Issue 2 - Special Annual Reports Issue

This issue contains the Annual Special Reports for 2010.

February, Issue 1

This issue outlines nominations for the 2011 College Council elections, and reviews College Rule, Policy, and Guidance changes and updates.

2010 - Volume 2

November, Issue 3

This issue outlines nominations for the 2011 College Council elections in February. It also reviews the College of Applied Biology Audit Program.

August, Issue 2

This issue reviews the College committees and their role within the College.

April, Issue 1 - Special Annual Report Issue

This issue summarizes the Special Annual Reports for 2009.

2009 - Volume 1

November, Issue 1

This is the first issue of "College Matters" and reviews the inception of the Audit program, as well as outlines nominations for the 2010 College Council elections.

Nature Journal

2010 - Volume 465

June, Issue 7300 - "Extra Credit"

In Britain, organizations award 'chartered status', which claims to validate a scientist's professional credentials. But what are such designations really worth? Nadya Anscombe reports. Read the article on