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Reserved practice for Registered Professional Biologists and Registered Biology Technologists as Applied Biologists Regulation is fully enacted

Today, the Applied Biologists Regulation under the Professional Governance Act was brought into force activating reserved practice for Registered Professional Biologists (RPBios) and Registered Biology Technologists (RBTechs).


biologists doing field work

This is an historic achievement as it makes British Columbia the first jurisdiction in the world where applied biologists have reserved practice.

The granting of reserved practice is the culmination of almost five years of work undertaken by the College of Applied Biologists’ volunteers and staff and a realization of concept that was conceived nearly 40 years ago when applied biology professionals originally founded an association in BC. With reserved practice, applied biology professionals are now recognized as key contributors to the resource management sector and vital members of any professional, multi-disciplinary team.

"The granting of reserved practice ... provides current registrants with the formal acknowledgement of the critical role we play in managing natural resources in BC" -- Alexandra de Jong Westman, RPBio, President of the College of Applied Biologists

The College has prepared a variety of resources to assist registrants and non-registrants in understanding what the activation of reserved practice means for applied biology professionals, the natural resource sector, and the public interest.

Please familiarize yourself with the resources below:

As always, you can contact the College office with any questions that are not answered by the available resources.

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