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Special Levy on 2019 Dues -FAQ

In October 2017, the College issued a Citation against a member and a Discipline hearing was held in June 2018. The allegations against the member included conflict of interest, denigrating another professional and breaches in professional practice. In 2003, the College established a contingency legal fund. In 2013 there was a reallocation of monies to increase the fund to $350,000. Further investments topped the legal fund at approximately $400,000. The 2018 Discipline hearing has resulted in approximately $150,000 in expenses in 2018.  

On September 14, 2018, the College Council determined that a special levy will be applied to the 2019 dues as authorized by Section 19 of the College of Applied Biology Act. The special levy will be used to replenish the legal fund to its minimum level of $350,000 set by Council in 2013. The levy will not be used for any operational activities. The special levy is to be paid with the 2019 Dues and will apply to College members as follows:

  • RPBio: $50
  • RBTech: $25
  • ABT: $15
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