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UPDATED: College announces webinars as part of 2022 reserved practice outreach

As part of the 2022 reserved practice outreach plan, the College will be offering webinars throughout the summer of 2022 to inform registrants, employers and other stakeholders about the implementation of reserved practice and to answer questions about the process.

The webinar content will primarily be the same for each session (although some elements made be added based on the results of previous sessions), so you won’t need to attend every session:

Each session will offer you the opportunity to ask questions of staff and Council about reserved practice and the implications for practitioners, employers and the natural resource sector as a whole. Please verify when registering that you have selected the right session for your schedule.

More resources are available on the 2022 reserved practice outreach page. If you’d like to book a meeting with the College for your firm or colleagues to discuss reserved practice, please contact the College office.