Online Registrant CPD log export instructions

The online Continuing Professional Development tracking form is now discontinued. A new online portal to track professional development activities under the College’s Continuing Education Program (CEP)(formerly the CPD program) will be made available in the spring of 2021. Your data will be available to download until December 31, 2020 at which time it will be removed.

In order to export and download the CPD logs that you have tracked online, complete the following instructions:

  1. Sign into the College webpage as a user: NOTE: This log-in is separate from the new College portal -- you must log-in using your College website credentials which are different; Contact the College if you do not have your website credentials 
  2. Navigate to the CPD Activity Tracking Page: 
  3. From the CPD records table, click the "Export to CSV" link under the CPD Records column for each of the years for which you have logged CPD
  4. Your data should begin downloading as a .csv spreadsheet
  5. You may also click on View to view and print the data or save it as a PDF

The College has developed a new downloadable PDF to log CPD points. During the transitional period before the new online CPD portal launches, registrants can download and use the new PDF form for tracking CPD. Whereas the old spreadsheet had three years’ worth of CPD tracking, registrants will need to complete a new PDF form for each year separately. NB: You must first download the tracking form and then open it in Adobe -- not in your browser. Any information entered into the form within your browser window CANNOT be saved.