College Council, Committees, & Staff

The staff list and a listing of membership to the College's governing Council and other working bodies can be found below. If you have any interest in volunteering for one of the groups below, please visit the volunteer opportunities page and upload an application.

College Council 2022-2023

  • Alexandra de Jong Westman, RPBio, President, Whitehorse, YT
  • Seán Sharpe, RPBio, Vice President, Smithers, BC
  • Brian Clark, RPBio, Past President, Maple Ridge, BC 
  • Victoria Burdett-Coutts, RPBio, North Vancouver, BC
  • Megan Hanacek, RPBio, Port McNeill, BC
  • Corinna Hoodicoff, RPBio, Armstrong, BC
  • Deborah Stanyer, RPBio, Victoria, BC
  • Hannah Horn, RPBio, Clearwater, BC
  • Mark De Croos, Lay Councillor, Prince George, BC
  • Theresa Fresco, Lay Councillor, Comox, BC
  • Dr. Joe Greenholtz, Lay Councillor, Coquitlam, BC
  • Brittany John, Lay Councillor, Vancouver, BC


Council Committees & Task Forces

You can review a listing of terms of reference and positions profiles for College working bodies in the College Council, Statutory Committees, and Current Working Bodies document library.

Executive Oversight Board

  • Alexandra de Jong Westman, RPBio - Chair
  • Seán Sharpe, RPBio
  • Brian Clark, RPBio
  • Mark De Croos, Lay Member

Audit and Practice Review Committee

  • Jasen Nelson, RPBio - Chair
  • Wayne Wall, RPBio
  • Meghan Goertzen, RPBio
  • Samuel Barnes, RPBio
  • Cory Lagasse, RPBio
  • Richard Williams, Lay Committee Member
  • Sherri Wright, Lay Committee Member

Audit Assessors

  • Brian Clark, RPBio
  • Steve Gordon, RPBio
  • Jasen Nelson, RPBio
  • John Rithaler, RPBio
  • Sean Sharpe, RPBio
  • Wayne Wall, RPBio
  • Tom Watson, RPBio
  • Selena Shay, RPBio
  • Cory Lagasse, RPBio
  • Maryam Khoshnoodi, RPBio
  • Norma Powell, RPBio
  • David Vey, RPBio
  • Shona Lawson, Registrar
  • Mike Engelsjord, Director of Practice
  • Cameron Dexter, Manager of Registrations and Compliance
  • Sue Owen, Regulatory Officer

Investigations Committee

  • Mel Kotyk, RPBio - Chair
  • Lee Nikl, RPBio
  • Rick Page, RPBio(Ret)
  • Sharleen Hamm, RPBio
  • Mark LeRuez, RPBio
  • Jim Bayles, Lay Committee Member
  • Cairine Green, Lay Committee Member
  • Timothy Smith, P.Geo., Eng. L., Lay Committee Member

Credentials Committee

  • Dr. Chris Johnson, RPBio - Chair
  • Francesca Knight, RPBio
  • Brent Phillips, RPBio
  • Corwyn Bettles, RPBio
  • Kim Warner, RPBio
  • Gaius Wilson, RPBio
  • Andrew Hall, Lay Committee Member

Credentials Assessors

  • Eric Demers, RPBio
  • Chris Johnson, RPBio
  • Pierre Johnstone, RPBio
  • Francesca Knight, RPBio
  • Tracey L'Esperance, RPBio
  • Eric Lofroth, RPBio
  • Miriam Marshall, RPBio
  • Brent Phillips, RPBio
  • Roy Rea, RPBio
  • Leandro Torrella, RPBio
  • Jocelyn White, RPBio
  • Brendan Wilson, RPBio
  • Caroline Ashekian, RPBio
  • Dwight Shanner, RPBio
  • Gina Layte Liston, RPBio
  • Trisha Merriman, RPBio
  • Sean Sharpe, RPBio

Nominations Committee

  • Brian Clark, RPBio, Past President - Chair
  • Gina Layte Liston, RPBio
  • Elizabeth Ashby, RPBio
  • Jason Emery, RBTech
  • Thea Warren, BIT
  • Eric Shapiro, Lay Committee Member


Finance Oversight Board

  • Mark De Croos, Lay Member - Chair
  • Alexandra de Jong Westman, RPBio
  • Sean Sharpe, RPBio
  • Hannah Horn, RPBio
  • Corinna Hoodicoff, RPBio
  • Debbi Stanyer, RPBio
  • Joe Greenholtz, Lay Member
  • Brittany John, Lay Member

Editorial Board

  • Raychl Lukie, RPBio - Co-Chair
  • Mariah Arnold, RPBio - Co-Chair
  • Eva Boehringer, RPBio
  • Meghan Goertzen, RPBio
  • Jaewoo Kim, RPBio
  • Cheng Kuang, RBTech

Conference Planning Working Group

  • Hannah Horn, RPBio - Chair
  • Victoria Burdett-Coutts, RPBio
  • Corinna Hoodicoff, RPBio
  • Brittany John, Lay Member
  • Jaewoo Kim, RPBio
  • Stephanie Longworth, BIT