Professional Ethics Requirement

Integrity, competence, accountability, and adherence to all applicable laws and regulations are the cornerstone of the College Code of Ethics.  College members are required to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with these precepts as outlined in the Code of Ethics and to uphold the Principles of Stewardship. To ensure that members understand the concept of professional ethics and are able to translate the requirements to their practice and conduct the College has developed an online course in professional ethics.  

All applicants for RPBio, RBTech, ABT and in-training categories are required to complete the College's online course in ethics and stewardship, in addition to all other credentialing requirements as outlined in Schedule 3 of the College Rules prior to receiving membership in the College. The course includes information about the College and a number of modules focused on Principles in the Code of Ethics and in the College Stewardship document. Once the course is completed there is a short open-book exam. The cost for the course and exam is $200.00The Course takes approximately 2 to 3 hours to complete, you can go in and out as your time allows and it will retain the what you completed.  The exam is short and consists of 10 questions.  You must obtain a score of 100% to pass and are given 3 opportunities to get a pass.

The College ethics course is the only course accepted as meeting the College's requirement for ethics training.

To register for the course, complete the short form below and submit your payment. Once the payment is processed you will receive a username and password within 3 business days which will allow you to access the course. After you successfully complete the ethics course and exam, we will receive confirmation from the ethics program and your registration will be processed.

If you have any questions please contact the College by email or phone (250-383-3306). 

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