Protecting the Public

Watch the video: What is the College of Applied Biology? (3:41)

The College of Applied Biology was created by an act of the Provincial Legislature and changes to The College of Applied Biology Act (2002) require legislative approval.  The College of Applied Biology Act is the only legislation of its kind in North America, and is the first time applied biologists have been granted full professional status through self-governing legislation.   

The purpose of the College as set out in the Act is to uphold and protect the public interest by:

(i) preserving and protecting the scientific methods and principles that are the foundation of the applied biological sciences,

(ii) upholding the principles of stewardship of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems and biological resources, and

(iii) ensuring the integrity, objectivity and expertise of its members.

To do so, the College is responsible for

 (i) governing its members in accordance with this Act and the rules, and

(ii) cooperating with other professional or occupational bodies charged with governing the conduct or competence of their members on a matter the college considers relevant to applied biology.

Who Belongs to the College?

Anyone who wants to practice as a professional biologist or a registered biology technologist in British Columbia must be a member of the College of Applied Biology (the College). 

General Role of the College

The College will undertake to fulfil the public interest purpose as set out above in the following ways:

  1. Ensuring that criteria for college admission are sufficient to indicate the applicant should have the ability to practice competently
  2. Ensuring that members are held accountable for their conduct and practice
  3. Enforcing the discipline and title provisions of the Act
  4. Ensuring that information pertaining to professional standards, such as the Code of Ethics, is accessible to College members and the public
  5. Advising College members of changes in legislation that are of interest to College members while recognizing that the only piece of legislation the College is charged with implementing is the College of Applied Biology Act
  6. Assisting College members and the public to understand the obligations, responsibilities and entitlements of accountable professionals

Specific Roles of the College

  • Competence of members – assesses through the investigations
  • Standards – sets conduct and performance standards, i.e. Code of Ethics, to which members are held accountable
  • Legislation – evaluates and comments on legislation pertinent to the purpose of the College from an apolitical perspective
  • Continuing professional development – requires members to remain current in their particular field of endeavour

As a governance body, the College does not engage in issue-oriented advocacy, and maintains an apolitical stance, meeting the public interest requirement of the Act through holding its members accountable for their actions.

For more information on the College contact the College office at 250-383-3306 or [email protected].