Registration and Application Fees

All amounts are in Canadian dollars and are established in the College bylaws. 

No refunds will be issued once payment has been processed

Schedule 2 of the College Bylaws – Fees and Charges

Group 1 – Revised October 2022

Annual Dues
RPBio (active) $485.00
RPBio (retired) $50.00
RBTech (active) $350.00
RBTech (retired) $50.00
ABT $150.00
ABT (retired) $50.00
BIT  $150.00
Trainee (RBTech) $110.00
Trainee (ABT) $83.00
Temporary Withdrawal (On Leave) (RPBio) $110.00
Temporary Withdrawal (On Leave) (BIT) $110.00
Temporary Withdrawal (On Leave) (RBTech) $75.00
Temporary Withdrawal (On Leave) (Trainee RBTech) $75.00
Temporary Withdrawal (On Leave) (ABT) $55.00
Temporary Withdrawal (On Leave) (Trainee ABT) $55.00
Applied Biology - Limited Licensee (AB-LL) $350.00
Student $15.00

Group 2* – set by Council
*As of January 1, 2023

Application Fee
RPBio $300.00
RBTech $300.00
AB-LL $300.00
ABT $200.00
BIT $175.00
Trainee (RBTech) $175.00
Trainee (ABT) $125.00
Student $45.00
Mandatory Training Fees

All approved applicants, except Student Biologists, are required to take the College's Mandatory Training courses. Effective April 1, 2022, mandatory training includes two online College courses, the Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct course and the Indigenous Awareness course. The fee is for both courses, not each course.

Late Fees
RPBio (active) / RBTech (active) / ABT 10% of category dues
RPBio (retired) / RBTech (retired) 10% of category dues
BIT / Trainee (RBTech) / Trainee (ABT) 10% of category dues
Student 10% of category dues
Temporary Withdrawal (On Leave) 10% of category dues
Re-instatement Fees
RPBio $250.00
RBTech $250.00
ABT $150.00
BIT/Trainee (RBTech) $125.00
Trainee (ABT) $75.00
Student $20.00

* Note: Re-instatement fee waived for those returning from on-leave.

Upgrade Fees
BIT to RPBio $125.00
Trainee (RBTech) to RBTech $125.00
Trainee (ABT) to ABT $75.00
Additional Fee Information
Returned cheque $40.00
Replacement of Physical Seal - The College only issues digital/electronic seals. A physical seal  can still be purchased through Beaver Stamp Works  at an additional cost of $37.75 plus shipping and taxes. All requests for a physical seal through Beaver Stamp Works are verified with the College prior to being issued. $37.50  plus shipping & handling