Reinstating a Membership

NOTE: The College will be changing platforms for status change applications.

The links to forms below will be taken off line on Friday July 24, 2020 at 4PM. The new platform for registration applications will be available for access approximately August 12, 2020. Please check the College website at that time for further details.

Please contact Derek Marcoux, Registrar if you have any questions: [email protected]

There are 3 circumstances in which a member may want return to active status by to re-instating their membership:

  • On returning from a leave,
  • On returning from retired status,
  • On returning from leaving the profession (resigning membership).

Please follow the instruction for your specific case.

To re-instate to active status from On Leave

A member has 3 years to reinstate their membership.  Those who have been on temporary withdrawal are exempt from a re-instatement fee.  

To re-instate to active status from Retired 

A member has 3 years to reinstate their membership from Retired status.   

To re-instate to active status within 3 years on leaving the profession

A member has 3 years to reinstate a membership.  If it has been longer than 3 years since the member was in good standing they must reapply and meet the standards of the day. Please note: to reinstate after resigning from the College, the member must "pay the full fees and dues that would have been required during the period of time if the member were a full...member" as per Rule 8 of the College Rules.