Reserved Practice Outreach

As the College continues implementation of the reserved practice in applied biology, and as per the College's 2022 reserved practice outreach plan, the College will be conducting outreach to registrants, employers, governments and other stakeholders in a variety of formats. Please review this page for information about the ways that you can learn more about reserved practice, its implications for practitioners, and its effects on the natural resource sector as a whole.

Please note that the scheduled dates for some of these events is subject to change. Check back often as new dates will be added and recordings will be made available.

Illustrative Documents

Registrants should review the illustrative documents when they have time, especially if they are planning to attend a webinar or in-person informational session.

The College has posted a full library of illustrative documents regarding reserved practice for applied biology. This library covers topics such as the definitions of regulated and reserved practices, the pathways to registration with the College, and areas of intersection between applied biology and other professions in the natural resource sector.

In-Person Information Sessions

From time to time, the College will also host in-person information sessions which will present the material from the webinars while also offering greater opportunities to speak with College representatives regarding the implementation of reserved practice. 

Open Sessions

  • Nanaimo, 7pm, June 23 -- Coast Bastion Hotel

  • Kamloops, 7pm, September 22 -- Sandman Signature Hotel

  • Whitehorse, 7pm, November 3 -- Yukonstruct

  • Prince George, 7pm, January 19, 2023 -- Courtyard Marriott

Employer Sessions

If you would like to arrange for a presentation at your organization from College staff about reserved practice and compliance, please contact the College office. The College can provide information via videoconference and, in some cases, provide in-person sessions. 

Video Recordings

The College will provide information videos for registrants and a recording of the webinar for those that can't attend live on any of the dates. When the recordings become available, they will appear here.

View Webinar Recording