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Suggested CPD Resources 2021

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program

The purpose of a professional development program is to protect the public interest via an assessment of members compliance with professional standards through 1) helping with professional development and 2) ensuring compliance. The College has three professional development programs in place. They are Continuing Professional Development (CPD), the Audit Program and the Practice Review Program

Section 20 of the College of Applied Biology Act (CABA) authorizes the College to establish a continuing education program for practicing members. CPD is mandatory for College members. Rule 16 and Schedule 4 of the College Rules provides details of the CPD program, which is also explained here.

All practicing members, including those in training, are required to accumulate 100 CPD points over a 3-year consecutive period. It is important to track and record CPD as it is a component of the College’s audit process.

Student members are not required to undertake CPD.

Summary of CPD Categories:

  • Professional Practice – can be earned if you spend 30 hours or more per week working or volunteering in the field of applied biology. It is not a requirement of the College to be employed in applied biology to be a member.
  • Continuing Education has two subcategories: General Professional Learning and Applied Biology Learning. Both categories allow members to undertake
    • formal - courses from an accredited institution; and
    • informal learning – a broader category that includes conferences, workshops, seminars, reading, webinars etc.
  • Service to the Community and to the Profession. There are several categories to choose from to earn CPD such as:
    • instructing courses and workshops;
    • producing articles, papers, training materials;
    • mentoring; giving presentations;
    • being a board, council member or other volunteer activities with an applied biology organization (e.g. non-profit, COSEWIC, etc.)
  • Service to the College – serving as a council, committee or task force chair, or general volunteer activities with the College.

Suggested Resources for 2021

The below are some suggested resources that may be considered CPD activities. The below list is not exhaustive nor are any of resources endorsed by the College. Many of the resources are free and may cover a range of topics from applied biology, general science to business management, leadership and diversity. Refer to Schedule 4 of the College Rules for information on CPD such as categories, criteria and associated claimable points. It is registrants' responsibility to ensure CPD activities align with the College’s criteria when claiming points.



Online Courses

Publication Resources

Legal Resources: Legislation, regulation and court rulings

  • CANLII (a searchable website for legislation, regulation and legal cases that have resulted on in Canada)

Virtual Conferences and Events